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Casey Summerell
by CaseyS on 11 May 2022

SUNKEN is a short animated documentary aimed to be completed as a polished animatic. This project is a collaborative piece created with Holly Meadow and Hayden Richards.

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Roles taken on in the project:

- Editing

- Managing and Organising

- Colouring

Editing the Animatic

The animatic editing stage was built closely with Holly to make sure as many assets were editable as possible and the final vision was clearly achieved by creating storyboard notes together. 

The Void

The 'Void' section of this piece was also one of my allocated jobs as this section was always planned to be edited in adobe after effects. In the early stages of the project, I created a rough story board of positions the little man will need to be in for Holly to later refine.  

The Submarine

The base design of the Submarine was also my design. However not my role in this project, the design was well received and  went with.

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