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Cloud Man - Creature Modeling

Cloud Man - Creature Modeling

You Zhao Ying
by youzhaoying on 5 May 2022

This is the model I did for my semester 3 creature modeling project. It's a cloud man. Blocking in Maya and the sculpting in Zbrush. It was my first time using Zbrush, and this project overall took me 14 weeks to finish.

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Week 1-2 Confirm the concept, find the reference, and start blocking in Maya

Week 3 Import model to Zbrush and create some basic structure

Week4 - 7 Sculpture in detail (cloud, head, hand, glover, arm, leg, shoe, stand collar cape, pointed hat)

Week 8 Open UV and make some details sculpture adjust

Week 9-10 Testing color and start to add some base color

Week 11-12 Change some color and add some shading to show the depth

Week 13-14

Create a floor and color it in Zbrush

Make some adjustments in color and sculpture

Test render model and create a turntable

Use DaVinci Resolve to combine turntable video

Import to Maya and render it

Model Progress

Final Result

3D Viewer

Orthographic View - greyscale, poly paint, and skin shade color


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