Starbucks Website Design

Starbucks Website Design

You Zhao Ying 丘卓颖
by youzhaoying on 3 May 2022

This is my website design project. I choose Starbucks as my project theme. It was my first time using Adobe XD, and this project overall, took me 14 weeks to finish. Hope you can enjoy it.

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Home Page

About Page

Drink Menu Page

Coffee Bean Menu Page

Coffee Bean Information Page

Sign In Page

Join Us Page

Download App Page

404 Page

Website Design Workflow

Week 1 - 2

- Confirm the brand and research the brand for information and design

- View Starbucks Official website (county: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand)

- Make a preliminary sketch for website design

- At Starbucks' official social media to find some suitable image

Week 3 - 7

- Learn Adobe XD at Youtube

- In Adobe Illustrator create to website base wireframe and some icon

- Download and start to create a base multiple interactions prototype with Adobe XD

Week 8 - 11

- Use Photoshop to make some adjustments and resize an image

- Make some adjustments to the website design such as color, alignment, and font size

- Learn to beautify the website

Week 12- 14

- Done the website design

- Website design includes home page, about page, menu page, app page, 404 page, sign-in page, and product page

- Make a Simple quality testing to make sure it can function

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