Windy Hills - A Stylized Environment

Windy Hills - A Stylized Environment

by ChottoMatte on 24 Apr 2022

I was a long time I wanted to create some stylized environments with a visual style similar to anime and games like Genshin Impact and Ni No Kuni. After I studied Unreal for a while I tried to create something with this goal and this is the result of my first attempt.

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Composition Process


These are the assets I created: modeled in Maya or Blender and in some case I sculpted an highpoly and then baked normal and ambient occlusion maps. The final look is the result of the shaders made in the unreal's material editor.


Here are references I used. Isaac Hilyard's artwork is the one that inspired me most for creating  the composition.

Master Material Graph

An overview on how works the shader on rocks and tree trunks. Firstly I started with a solid color or a gradient, then I added some some noises to create some color variations. The gradient is based on object bounding box and doesn't depend by Uvs. To blend better assets with the landscape I used runtime virtual textures and the WorldAlignBlend function. Finally I used ambient occlusion mixed to a color for a more stylized effect.

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