Anzac Temple - WIP
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Anzac Temple - WIP

by paco3d on 21 Apr 2022

Unreal 5 Underground Temple. WIP I'll add a better description once I understand a bit better how the posting system works for WIP projects.

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Update - 21 Apr 2022

Aztec Portal

I wanted to produce a demo for my students to make an Environment using Sculpting tools. I will make slow progress step by step on how I do my work-in-progress. I am on the fence if I want to do this with Unreal 5 or Renderman in VFX. But I can always do both if I use a Specular Glossness workflow and then invert the maps for Renderman.  

The project is a collection of ruins with some rocks, a tree, a portal. I wanted to showcase a simple environment that uses sculpture elements symbolizing with some modelling pieces. Here I have put together some images for references, Style, Mood and lighting. I want to produce an effect that is similar for Star-gate, but for the civilization of Aztecs to "travel to the stars" 

Currently I am blocking out the scene and also am trying to figure out an interesting workflow that I paint basic details on basic primitives to figure out how I want to detail the ruins and pieces.  I have figured out the pieces that I want to be modular. Next I will do a very basic colour and lighting pass to figure out the values and the focus of the composition. 

This of course will be very different to the final. For example I am noticing that the Circle and romboid shapes are not exactly working for me. So I might change it all together in this design stage. 

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