White Shark

White Shark

Lancelot Maestrini
by IvanOliel and LancelotMaestrini on 14 Apr 2022

A White shark 3D animation jumping of the water. Inspired by the work of Chris Fallows. Composed by 5 students of Isart Digital

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White Shark Jumping Out of the Water

Hi everyone !

We've made this project with a group of five during the last 2 months in parallel of our classes. Our main inspiration is the work of Chris Fallows, who is a white shark photographer.

We wanted to challenge ourselves in our different specialties in 3D and learn some new skills on it.

I hope you'll enjoy it!

Lancelot Maestrini

Shark Texturing and LookDev | Fx Simulation for the water | Compositing


Ivan Oliel

Shark Sculpting and Retopology


Alexandre Wojtkow

Shark Rigging


Margot Auclair



Valérian Pierret

Shark Animation


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