Croco & Octopus ♥
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Croco & Octopus ♥

by neisan on 11 Apr 2022

A sculpt I'm starting for the weekly drill Octopus. Following the illustration made by Manos Sparakis

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Update - 11 Apr 2022

Here we are, just starting to sculpt the cute little crocodile and octopus from a concept of Manos Sparakis (Sparekiss on Artstation / Instagram ).
I'm quite late to start the challenge considering it end tommorow, but I was really busy this week... 
I really wanted to work on this illustration and participate to the weekly drill, so here we are !

Day 1 : Here is the first step, see you tomorrow for the next one. I wish it will be the final one !

Day 2 : Obviously, I'm late, and I can't finish it tonight (i prefer to sleep) but I get some time this morning to work on our little croco so, here are some steps. It's actually going good, he need teeths, some details and adjustement, and I will go to the texturing or painting !

Here we are, I take a day off to finish this cuty, painting it took me some hours. 
But I really like how it went !

So, I let you appreciate the final render, don't hesitate to visit Manos Sparakis's page ! ♥

I tried to follow the concept and be as accurate as possible.

The most important part of the final render is  in the polypainted textures. I did everything in with a simple paint brush in Zbrush.

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