`Meet Mat` is Back - The 3D Digital Painting Contest


by ys99 on 7 Apr 2022

This is an UIUX created by me to help cure most problems youngsters face nowadays.

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Hi! My name is Yisheng, currently a student studying Digital Media Design at The One Academy Penang (TOAP). I love creating user interfaces (UIUX). This project is about the UIUX of my application "LIFE5TYLE".

My idea for this project is mainly to cure most young people's problems. The app is a daily activity tracker app to help correct users' bad habits and help them improve their lifestyles.


Walkthrough Video | Final Outcome

Some screenshot of my Final Outcome

Booth Design

I had created a booth design for my online project showcase. The app I used to design is Maxon Cinema 4D

Project Moodboard

Design System

I used this color palette and font style for my overall project.

Thank You!

Special thanks to my lecturer Wai Khong and Adzlin for guiding me on this project from the beginning.

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