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Peachy Project: Character Designs
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Peachy Project: Character Designs

Peach (Julia) Chapman
by peachmilkdesigns on 3 Apr 2022

The idea is to make a series of characters for a webtoon comic, mostly inspired by the Fantasy genre. My main source of inspiration being Genshin Impact, specifically their webtoon as it’s just better, and Lore of Olympus .

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Update - 3 Apr 2022

Lab 1: Character Design Project

I will be working on a series of main characters for a comic, each inspired by different cultures depending on where they are from in the world setting. This will include mostly humanoids, with one animal creature.

In one case I will be revisiting an old design, and remaking them. However the others will be made completely from the ground up.

All together I have three characters for this main project I am submitting.

-Dal Song

-Abayomi Asaju

-Aren Asaju

All their designs will be inspired by different cultures, but all outfits will be designed for warmer weather due to the arc I am designing them for.

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