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Skull study in Zbrush:

Skull study in Zbrush:

by hrc3D on 28 Mar 2022

Skulls study with different anatomies. Caucasian, Asian, African, Nordic and Indigenous Australian. Very fun class practice. All done in Zbrush in Lightbox Academy.

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An average Caucasian skull, the base for this study.

We did all skull studies using the Caucasian skull as a base, here we see the differences between the Caucasian and the African skull.

From Caucasian to Asian.

This one is the transition to the Nordic which as we can see the only important difference is the jaw. Both anatomies are quite similar.

The most interesting transition for me, the Indigenous Australian. We can see a big difference in this one, actually is the one skull which is pretty much very different to any other of the previous anatomies shown.

Indeed even form this top view we can aprecciate how the Indigenous Australian (top right) is very easy to spot compared with the other skulls. From this perspective all the rest of the skulls are very similar.

Except the caucasian a side perspective of the other anatomies. From left to right the order show is: African, Asian, Nordic, Inidgenous Australian.

A process view from the Caucasian to Indigenous Australian.

A close up render from my favorite skull study, the Indigenous Australian.

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