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Malaysian Orchid Mantis (BLENDER ANIMATION)

Malaysian Orchid Mantis (BLENDER ANIMATION)

Daniel Rico Parralejo
by RicoOne on 25 Mar 2022

Final assignement for the Master on Blender 3d. It has been completed in the span of 1 month and half (3 days of these, for rendering). This is the Hymenopus coronatus mantis, one of the most unique (and fragile) mantids in this world. Music by Precarious333.

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Malaysian Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) made in Blender. This is a subadult female L7 nymph about to molt. The mantis is normally white to reflect UV light to attract bees, but when they are close to grow up one more instar, they turn pink to avoid reflecting UV while keeping their deceiving orchid appearance.

UV mapping! Hard task. Took me 2 attempts.

Above you can see references for the model.

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