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Stylised Liminal Space
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Stylised Liminal Space

Benjamin Palmer
by pookeyfish on 11 Mar 2022

A WIP of a new environment im working on.

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Update - 15 Mar 2022

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Update - 14 Mar 2022

Smaller update for the moment, tweaked the pillar a little more and removed smaller details that i felt clashed with the overall style.

Update - 13 Mar 2022

Testing a material.

Update - 13 Mar 2022

Updated screenshots after changing the scale and details of the pillars and ceilings, as well as messing with the idea of placing isolated pools of water.

Comparison between old and revised assets.

Update - 11 Mar 2022

Some work in progress shots and compositional tests of an environment I'm developing that is taking inspiration from journey, and the art James Tralie. The pink flowers were painted by Rosie Carter and are currently being used as place holders for look dev; if I decide to use foliage then they will be replaced with my own assets.