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Sculpture Board

Sculpture Board

Lucy Nicholls
by lucynicholls on 10 Mar 2022

I noticed that museums have very few advertising videos so created a piece that entices people to want to go to an exhibition. Showcasing my skills with modelling and sculpting details while creating dynamic scenes that are engaging.

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Pawn - Terracotta Soldier

In Cinema 4d I used a front and side view images of the soldier for modelling with the intent to sculpted in the details later on.  Using a cylinder and manipulated the points to match the outline of the soldier from the height to the width meant I had a solid smooth base to start sculpting. For the head I used a similar technique and subdivided the shape to become smooth and fit onto the neck. For my first time sculpting I knew that the details needed to be quite bold to stand out when I placed the material on as I wanted the highlights to be the main area of attraction.


For the appearance of the pieces I wanted two contrasting colour that would work again a gold highlight. Black and blue seemed to compliment each other the most and fit well with the HDRI I used for the background. Creating the textures for the pieces I used a bump map to shows scratches and help create subtle dimensions. I could manipulate the are the gold covered on each piece to highlight specific areas of the sculpture and it gave me control over how the light effect each sculptures. 

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