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Stylized Doorframe and Wood Planks.

Stylized Doorframe and Wood Planks.

by Gono on 4 Mar 2022

A set of wood planks, a doorframe, and a door to add to the collection of stylized cabin assets.

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Now that my cabin has windows, a roof, and various other parts, I needed to design a doorframe and door, as well as proper floor planks. I created the floor planks, keeping the crooked cartoony style in mind. After these were created, I could also use them on walls and other places to create more planked pieces to fit the cabin aesthetic. I used this method to add a plank texture to the door frame. 

Trying to keep the style of the windows, I created a cartoony crooked doorframe and I tried to model the door after the roof planks, extruding different planks to make the door blockier. I had to spend some extra time with the doorknob, making sure it was reflective while making sure the door planks weren't. Once I was finished with that, I added it to my other pieces, making up the full front face of the cabin.

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