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by DToland on 24 Feb 2022

Robot composite shot

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The following was a student project created using primely Maya, After effects and ZBrush. I began by creating the basic model in Maya then once I has some primitives i brought the model into ZBrush where I added some additional details like bolts running along the surface.  then to finfish of the modelling I brought it back into Maya where i went over the topology one last time before UV unwrapping the model. (This model did not use UDIMS as it didn't require that level of detail)

Texturing for this model was done is Substance painter which can be seen below. The model used one 4K texture.

Aside the creating the model I also traced and corrected the footage seen in the sequence, this was done using AE native tools. from this I created proxy geometry in Maya which I then used when animating the character.

Once I manually rotoed the footage I then completed colour correction and grading to complete the shot. 

All the typography and glitch effects were created in After Effects. (The glitch effect was crated manually with animation and layer effects)        

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