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St. Anna's Underpass

St. Anna's Underpass

Chet Callahan
by grefsen on 18 Feb 2022

Introducing my first game environment created over 5 weeks as my Intermediate Term final at Think Tank. The environment is based on St. Anna's Underpass in Antwerp built in the 1930's and reimagined with an atmosphere inspired by moody sci-fi photography and just a hint of Bioshock Rapture's haunting allure.

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Introducing "St. Anna's Underpass" my first game environment created over 5 weeks and submitted as my Intermediate Term final at Think Tank.

Learning Objectives:

With this term being our first introduction to the game art pipeline our task was to recreate a real world location beginning in Pureref and ending in a fully textured and lit real time environment in Unreal.

For this final, my personal objective was to take a solid first pass at the full pipeline, testing myself on the range of principles and workflows we were introduced to (modularity, designing tileables, baking unique assets, vertex painting, real time lighting etc.) while leaving just a bit of flexibility to tinker and explore areas I can later deep dive into during future terms at Think Tank.

Despite wrestling with some early access bugs getting UE5 renders to look as good as my viewport (looking at you AA/Flickering shadow/reflections!) setting these objectives/timelines early helped me avoid hyper focusing any one particular part of the pipeline or asset and lose focus of my objective this term of testing my broad understanding of the game art pipeline.

Conceptual Approach:

The environment itself is based on St. Anna's tunnel in Antwerp which was built in the 1930's art deco period. Conceptually by goal was to take otherwise non-stylistic photographs of this real world location and to infuse a specific tone and atmosphere from game world's I found inspirational and relevant. With the period specific architecture and subterranean location I thought it could be interesting to loosely reference an atmosphere like Bioshock's Rapture which so beautifully balances a magnetically inviting and sentimental allure while remaining slightly unnerving and hauntingly mysterious.

Special thanks to my mentor Sergei Panin for all of the inspiration, encouragement, and guidance throughout the term!

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