Dungeons and Dragons - Blue Slaad

Dungeons and Dragons - Blue Slaad

Owen Tidy
by owentidy on 17 Feb 2022

A game-ready creature/character based on Dungeons and Dragons' Blue Slaad. An exersise in restraint, constraining myself to a single texture sheet and under 25k tris.

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Dungeons and Dragons - Blue Slaad

"The bone hooks that protrude from the back of a blue slaad's hands inflict a terrible transformative disease on humanoids wounded by them. This infection, called chaos phage, transforms its victim into a fully grown red slaad—or green slaad if the host was a spellcaster" - Monstor Manual page 276

Based upon the concept created by Rudy Siswanto, this Blue Slaad takes inspiration from past editions and the newest to create a variation of Slaadi, in line with their chaotic origins.


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