Characters - Teeto and Pochita

Characters - Teeto and Pochita

George Cutler
by georgecutler7 on 15 Feb 2022

Rendered in UE5 aiming for a retro anime cel-shaded style, I used this opportunity to explore character sculpting in ZBrush and develop my confidence with materials in Unreal. Pochita was a side project to test out the cel-shader whilst focusing on my Teeto character.

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Turntable & UE5 Cel-Shader Material

Teeto Character Sculpt

Fox squirrel animal present in the Studio Ghibli films. Sculpted in ZBrush and textured in Substance. The fluffy mane was a challenge!

Pochita Character Sculpt

Side project produced before Teeto. I used it to test the UE5 material to assess its effectiveness. Chainsaw and handle components modelled in Maya.

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