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Student Project (The Lumberjacks Beard)

Student Project (The Lumberjacks Beard)

by DToland on 12 Feb 2022

2D animation made using Duik Bassel and Photoshop. Based on the children's book The Lumberjacks Beard by Duncan Beedie.

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This is a student project based on the children's book The lumberjacks beard by Duncan Beedie. All the assets in this sequence were created using photoshop. The majority of the assets are vector shapes with the exception of some background elements which are rasterized layers made to an appropriate scale for the for the AE project.

All the animation for this sequence was created using Duik bassel with the exception of some background elements, such as the clouds which were Keyframed layers. All the animation otherwise was created using Duik and was separated into three sub comps, these were background, mid ground and foreground.

All comp and Typography was done using AE native tools and the text falls within the title safe area. The sounds affects are stock and largely came from sound bible.    

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