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Smart Police in action

Smart Police in action

by Pabloabelo on 10 Feb 2022

Smart ForTwo Render located in a New York Street.

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This has been so far the biggest project in which I have worked alone, this was to create a 3D outdoor scenery, using the modular modeling technique to create all the buildings. When I finished creating all the scenery with its textures, lighting and the final render, I dedicated myself to look for a car that could go well with this New York scenery, I will lower the option of making the typical American cab, however I opted for a Smart cop that was funny and ridiculous at the same time. Finally when I finished the car I added it to the scene and looked for another lighting that would look good and finally we made the different light passes to modify the image in Fusion and Davinci.

Turntable video of my car (Smart Fortwo 2012)

These are the different light passes

Different renders of the project

References I had use to create all these proyect based on a new york street.

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