Visual Novel UI - concepts

Visual Novel UI - concepts

by deboraholiveira on 9 Feb 2022

Some concepts for a fictional visual novel game.

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When I started playing on PC, Visual Novels were games that I loved to discover. Overall, these are plot-focused games, and the player can make choices that change the pace and ending of the plot. For this UI, the theme was "paper". Perhaps our protagonist really likes to read and write, and has a well-organized diary about her thoughts and daily life.

After the sketchs, I made the the characters in raster and the UI elements in vector.

To simulate how it would work in a game, I assembled the elements in Affinity Designer and used a bit of After Effects to give it movement. The street scenes that appear in the dialogue scenes are free assets made by Noraneko Games (

And here are the screens I made.

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