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Monster F(r)ight

Monster F(r)ight

Corentin Baron
by CorentinB on 6 Feb 2022

Hey everyone ! I present you my most recent 3D illustration ! In this one, I fight a monster... well... maybe !

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Hey everyone !

its been a little while !
But I'm back, and with a very recent project I just finished !

Using my brand new RIG of my avatar showcased on a previous post, I made a little 3D illustration !

Fighting monsters is scary ! As much as finding an internship ! I'm currently looking for an internship in 3D animation for film, video games, series or cinematics ! If you can help me, contact me !

In this illustration, created as an email banner for my internship requests, my avatar is slowly walking away from a monster in a tropical-like environment !

Here, let me show you a bit of the process that went into creating this piece !

Thats it for today, hope you guys enjoy it !

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