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Lost in the Outback

Lost in the Outback

by rachelsalvaggio on 4 Feb 2022

This was a 3 member group project created for Animation Production class at BBCD. Two pilots have fixed their ship and are ready to leave the Australian desert they’re stranded on. Trouble ensues when their take-off doesn’t go as planned; with tension high, they seem to forget the dangerous predators lurking.

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I took on the role of project manager for this assessment. With less than 12 weeks to complete the project and initially only 2 members in the group, we had a lot to work to get through. For this reason, the concept was developed by Natalie and I, with our third member Justin joining after pre-production was finalised. 

Some explorations of concept and design by Natalie Dreyer and myself. 

Our characters were created in reflection of the animals that live in the Australian outback. It was fun to then expand upon their personalities with these characteristics. We have Bungy the Bangarra (Sand Goanna) and Tarrka the Tarrkawarra (Spinifex Hopping Mouse). The antagonist is a Dingo; being the real life predator of these animals.

Character Designs & Bungy model by Natalie Dreyer. Textures and Tarrka model by me.

For the environment, we wanted to have juxtaposition between the warm sunset desert and the cooler mechanical & ‘grungy’ interior of the ship. We played with this through design, colour, and lighting. This is where I spent a lot of time in developing the project, and I especially enjoyed using references and playing around with how the two environments interacted. 

Summary and Reflection

The initial stages this project were daunting; being my first 3d group project. However being a small group and taking on the role of project manager role was a great way to feel connected and engaged with the project and my peers. It taught me a lot not only in a 3D sense, but in ways of collaborating and communicating with others- especially considering we did this remotely with covid!

With my software and overall design skills more advanced since this project, its easy to see elements that could be improved on, but I am very proud and grateful for this project and the skills I learnt from it!


Project Lead Director Natalie Dreyer. Project Manager Rachel Salvaggio. Assistant Developer Justin Press.


Story Development, Lead Concept Art, Storyboard, Character Design, Bungy & Ship External Model+UV+Texture, Character Animation by Natalie Dreyer

Story Development, Ship Interior + Tarrka Modelling & Layout, Lead UV & Texturing, Lighting and Compositing by Rachel Salvaggio

Dingo Model + Desert Environment Modelling & Layout, Rigging, Character Animation, Video Stitching/Compositing by Justin Press

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