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Volcano VFX
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Volcano VFX

by Harrison on 1 Feb 2022

First major VFX test, with rotoscoping, simulation, use of holdouts and shadow catchers, I tried to incorporate as many VFX techniques into a 2-day personal practice project.

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Update - 1 Feb 2022

screenshot of the final animation

final animation and VFX breakdown of the different layers and basic details about the project. Unfortunately, there is slight flickering on the smoke simulation due to having to render under strict time deadlines. In the future, I may re-render the simulation in order to achieve a nicer result without any visual issues.

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Update - 1 Feb 2022

Volcano and simulation still image to show how they look together as a raw result

Simulation R&D, made in 3 hours to achieve a convincing result and export in VDB