MJ's Apartment Breakdown

MJ's Apartment Breakdown

Roy C Bennett IV
by roybennettiv on 1 Feb 2022

These are breakdown shots of MJ's Apartment with some explanations detailing the lighting and some close up shots of props with wireframes--as well as a layout showcasing all the assets involved with creating the scene.

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Detail Baked Lighting - Directional and Skylight were the primary light sources in the scene. I used Luoshuang's GPU Lightmass to bake the scene and touched up areas with movable lights wherever needed to match concept and polish the final look

Detail Baked Lighting (Night)

Unlit (Base Color)

Asset breakout with everything that was in the main scene with the exception of wall, floor and ceiling

In order to get decals to look right with my baked lighting setup, I had to enable the DBuffer in UE4. This can impact performance, but my decal usage was very small. Using Normal/Opacity maps I was able to tailor a few decals using Substance Painter

Using the decals I created, I wanted to add additional wear to the walls to sell the look of wear and repair over time. This was a nice final touch during the polish phase of the project.

Prop/Texture atlases were created for things like books, paper, magazines, picture frames and kitchen jars. This helped break up the risk of seeing repetitive assets and also allowed for the creation of multiple low poly assets to share one texture map.

Book cover graphics were used from Textures.com in order to save time. I created the Digital Photography book graphic from scratch in Photoshop as a fun easter egg shout out to Jason Gullion, my instructor.

Organic props were made in ZBrush to achieve a high poly model that could be baked down to low poly. Once a high poly was created, the mesh was decimated then retopologized using ZRemesher and cleaned up/optimized further in Maya to be finalized.

Hard surface props were created using beveled edging on the high poly to bake down. Some props I used floating meshes to bake into the low poly and also utilized face weighted normals by smoothing out edges to take out any unwanted lines/bumps.

Some tiling textures I created in Substance Painter

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