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Gundam "Barbatos" Form 6

Gundam "Barbatos" Form 6

Rodolfo Silva
by RodolfoSilva on 20 Jan 2022

All modeled in Zbrush from scratch. The purpose of this project was to learn the extent of Zbrush's capabilities for hard surface modeling.

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This was a project I made for an assignment for a class I did online in "Advanced Digital Sculpting" at the "Gnomon School of VFX". It took around 10 weeks to complete and involved learning Zbrush to a tee.

For the topic of the project we were asked to pick a complex hard surface piece to model and since I had become intrigued with Gundam and Gunpla as of late I decided to take a shot at modleing a gundam from scratch in Zbrush for the assignment.

So I only used Zbrush for the whole modeling process and took the final sculpt to keyshot for rendering. I explored a lot of features that were completely new to me and Zbrush has become my favorite software due to that. 

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