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The Magician and his Assistant
  Play by Play

The Magician and his Assistant

Daniel Baird
by danielbaird on 3 May 2019

As part of the Circus challenge - due to time constraints and deadline, this project has now moved to play by play. The Magician and his assistant. They would be the opening act to any circus performance and would lead the audience through out the event, some viewers claim they could see invisible wires in their ma

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Update - 9 May 2019


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Update - 9 May 2019

Completed Illustration. I have focused on completing the magician and adding value adjustments across the entire illustration.

The Original as seen in "1" and final as seen in "2" is  a process i do to all my drawings, I always do a colour adjustment, add grain (around 1.25 %) and blur effects. I feel that this process helps define my style more then compared to the previous version.

Self review: 

I feel that i have accomplished something good with this project/ illustration. I stuck to the brief, concepted out my idea and followed through with a final high rendered illustration which has taken me over a month to complete. As of now this illustration is currently the longest i have spent on a single drawing. 

I would of liked to revisit the "Assistant's" mask design, im happy with how it is, but i feel like i could of improved greatly on it. But given my current time frame and what i have planned for the next coming artworks , i felt that it was time to wrap up this project and move onto the next one.  

Update - 3 May 2019

A small example of how i created the "Sprigged mull" clothing design as shown below. 

The first stage was rough blocking out of simple forms and value , not worrying about colour or if it looked "correct" 

The second stage included some photo manipulation and colour adjustments to achieve a certain effect, then pain over the top with a final paint over with Photoshops smudge brush.

The final stage includes adding the checker pattern to overall form, including ripples and bends. Defining values such as core shadows and indicating value 

Update - 3 May 2019

Latest update for this illustration.

I have focused mainly on the Magician this time. Adding details to clothing designs and laying base colours. As seen next to his face are two small colour concepts for the mask, I want each character to be unique in there own way , Adding a "4 square " checker pattern to the mask will add great interest to this character.

I have also chosen to go with yellow as i feel it will match the colour consistency not just within the singular character itself , but both as a whole.  I also think it would just look cool :D 

Update - 3 May 2019

First Stages of rendering of final illustration

Initial Concepts