Digital Art Studies

Digital Art Studies

by GemmaTweedy on 19 Jan 2022

A selection of digital painting studies to try and improve my texture and anatomy skills.

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A squirrel which I'm very proud of. I think it's because of the variety of colors I was able to capture in the coat. My style is at it's best when there's a lot of depth in the lighting and, while it's still hard to replicate in my original work, it's something I capture quite well with my photo studies.

Since I want to be able to draw dinosaurs, I want to get good at scale textures. However, it's hard for me to enjoy the process since I haven't found a good way to replicate the texture. This was an attempt to find one, and while I like the result, it took forever to do, I'm still looking for an enjoyable scale painting method.

Above are a bunch of beagles, my favorite dog! The top was me exploring my style and getting comfortable with the "sheen" of their fur, and the bottom was me trying to replicate that effect with original poses. I much prefer the second one to the first, since I had more references, making the anatomy more correct, but I still like the second one.

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