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Tainted - The Forgotten and his Soul
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Tainted - The Forgotten and his Soul

by neisan on 17 Jan 2022

Here is a sculpt of the amazing Tainted Forgotten made by @_saindoo_ The Forgotten is a playable character from The Binding Of Isaac. This sculpt is made on Zbrush, from the modeling to the rendering, including the polypaint, for a total of 20 hours of work approximately.

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Update - 17 Jan 2022

Let me introduce you The Forgotten and his Soul !
This cool duo is a playable character from The Binding Of Isaac unlocked in the last extension of the game. 
Guillaume Duchemin (@_saindoo_ on Instagram) made a serie of illustration of the Tainted characters of the game. This one is potentially my favorites !

The whole work is made with zbrush, (sculpting, painting and rendering) for almost 20 hours of work 

The topology isn't really clean since I wanted this project to be more of a quick sculpt exercice than an animation reeady character. 

Here is the amazing reference from Guillaume Duchemin. Be sure to check his work on Instagram.

This project is potentially the first of a serie with the different characters from Binding of Isaac, following the amazing illustration of Guillaume Duchemin. 
I wish you like it ! And see you soon on The Rookies !

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