The morning after
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The morning after

by alizpongracz on 12 Jan 2022

'graduation' project

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Update - 12 Jan 2022

The morning after

I have a project for my upcoming exam. We have to make a 1.5-2 minutes long animation in which we can showcase the skills we learned during the 5 months long course. This is a completely beginner Maya generalist course and we have to prepare everything for the short animation.

The story in a nutshell : 

The story is about a crocodile who wakes up in the morning and wants to grab her surf board to hit the waves but she cannot find her favorite board. She goes to the beach bar where she finally finds it but she has only one minute to be happy about the surfboard as a volcano erupts and she has to surf away in order to survive.

Firstly, I collected a few crocodile reference pictures.

Then I started to create my crocodile in Zbrush. This is my first bigger Zbrush project so it's not perfect at all but this is the final version of it:

I did the retopo and rigging in Maya (also first time making a full retopo and rig)

I am now working on the environment and the previzulation for the whole animation.

A very quick block out of the main places in order to help me to imagine the whole environment:

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