|| Broken Bonds || Luka

|| Broken Bonds || Luka

Jaydo de Ruijter
by Jaydokii on 11 Jan 2022

Check out the project on Artstation c: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/eJR41P

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In my 2nd year at Breda University of Applied Sciences, I worked on the game Broken Bonds. I was responsible for the main character and the NPC. This NPC is created in collaboration with Isa Weijers c:

During this project I was responsible for the base body, facial sculpt, texture work, and the shaders. I was mainly the quality assurance for her. Isa Weijers owns the concept. She worked on the overall sculpt, game-ready mesh, and texture work.

I used UE5 for the final rendering.

More renders and information on my artstation!


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