Akan (Roguelite Game Development)

Akan (Roguelite Game Development)

Pau Rodríguez Gascó
by rod on 9 Jan 2022

Two months ago I started working with Davala, Kamou and Cirartis on this project. We wanted to make a Roguelite game, based on exploring procedural dungeons and upgrading items. Today I'm showing you the work I made for this during the last two months.

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This is mainly all the work I've done for Akan durings this two months of process. Coding and VFX/Shader tasks, also started helping on animation.

The video shows a test i made for fire vfx using a flame texture with Voronoi noise.

Also here's video I made during the first month of development, scrolling down you will see brief explanation on all the things i worked there and some lines of code.

We can see notorious things like the character, pause and camera controller. Actually those scripts are almost finished, waiting for the final touches like loading the savefile options. The main coding task was the procedural dungeon system that shows at the lasts seconds.

Here are some lines of code of those scripts. I can't share the full scripts for preventing on material theft, but the ones i show are mainly understandable and useful.

I hope I could show you more of my work on coding but it would be too much information i think. Now i'll show the conversation tests and enemy prototype. Also with some lines of code down below.

To end this mid-term publication i'm showing my first work on animation. It's not a big deal but it was my first animation task on the project starting on today. Worked with the model Davala made for the project yesterday.

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