Sleeping Worlds -WIP

Sleeping Worlds -WIP

by JuliaYu on 9 Jan 2022

Sleeping Worlds is a Game I am doing with my team Sweet Dreams Studio. It is a class project but we are giving our best to bring out a fantastic game that you can enjoy. In this entry I will be uploading my work for this project while explaining the process.

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Sleeping Worlds is a work in progress project but I can show a little bit of material that we have to get you tunned! 

First of all is important to show how the idea was born.  How we wanted it to be and the level design.

Once we had the idea clear we started designing the buildings and the main character. 

And it was so important to continue with the level design so once the blocking finished we continued doing this task. Obviously it is not finished and probably there are going to be a lot of changes, but if you don't want to be spoiled on how more or less the game is going to be skip this part! 

As a Team we also had to have a logo! And I take that responsability, here are our possible logos and the chosen one! Our name is Sweet Dreams Studio

I can tell that through time we understood that our city had to be clothed with more structures besides the buildings, so we started desgining them! 

And for a little bit of help to understand how we want our city to be when is finished I made an illustration!

Also for promotion it was important a one sheet to give information about our game! We did two of them and I already published the final one but I will post here again in case you didn't see it before.

I will be uploading here more things about our work! But for now this is all I can show, hope you liked it. 

Now I am working with textures, I have been using Substance design and Substance Painter! Here are a few works

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