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Abamari - African Fantasy Project

Abamari - African Fantasy Project

Zachary Cretegny
by zaiilex on 8 Jan 2022

Concepts from a personal worldbuilding project about the world of Abamari. I noticed a significant lack of African representation in the video game world and I wanted to do some concepts for an imaginary game that I would be excited to play. - After the banishment of a goddess, turmoil struck the land of Abamari as arm

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Sizwe, prince of Abamari and follower of the God of Fellowship.

Cassandra, the queen of Greyhal Keep, and follower of the God of Contest. 

Weapon design and development for Sizwe's blade and Cassandra's spear.

Three prominent side characters from the Abamari story. 

The God of Fellowship is a creature born of the blood of fallen brothers. It is loyalty, love and passion taken physical form. Followers of this deity are granted the boons of foresight and protection.

For this creature I took inspiration from several animals which move in large groups or perform teamwork, such as antelopes, african wild dogs, lions and elephants amongst others.

A combative beast, the God of Contest is a spectator, inciting violent acts and conflict for her own amusement. The crystalline forms that grow on her body increase her followers' physical strength and bloodlust. The greedy seek her out.

The Shrine of Fellowship is the dwelling of the God of Fellowship. Deep in the mountains, it can only be accessed by the most dedicated of his followers.

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