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Class Project

Greg laux
by greglaux on 30 Dec 2021

WIP Diorama of a School Project Gone Wrong. Environment art for UE5.

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Update - 30 Dec 2021

Initial blockout.  I was watching some of the Unreal training lectures with Scott Homer at Epic, and I loved the diorama style images he has on his artstation. I wanted to create one myself, and my checklist included: a good story, organic and hard surface (although not crazy complex) modeling, light pouring through a window, some light destruction.

I initially wanted to do Mushnik's flower shop and Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, but I stumbled across a very well done CG version and it was too fresh in my brain.  I took the killer plant theme and moved it over to a school schience class because I liked the idea of modeling school science class props.

I've been building up around the blockout, starting to get pieces ready to sculpt on top of. Our vines are shaping up, I've added a few limbs (although I'm either going to get rid of one, or have one of them have two sticking out,) and I've started adding details here and there.

I did a poll for a name, and a facebook friend's middle-school aged kiddo named him "Herb" for me.  The things that are buttering my croissant right now are how excited I am about building the cross section of the filing cabinet, and the strap of the backpack hanging over the edge of the diorama (which is not very contrasted in the clay render.)

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