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Raw Pig

Raw Pig

by keizarina on 29 Dec 2021

Raw pig face and ear models for the upcoming game, Soup Pot by Chikon Club! This was, hands down, my favorite asset to make, more so because it was the closest thing to a "realistic"-ish "horror" prop that I could create during my internship hehe.

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For my internship at Chryse Studio, I was able to work on some 3d food models for the upcoming cooking game, Soup Pot. I enjoyed creating several food assets, especially the raw meat!

Chopping board from 3DBee.

HDRI by Greg Zaal in Polyhaven

For the pig ear, I got the overall shape by looking at multiple references and adjusting the model via lattice tool. The primitive I used was a plane for the main ear and a cylinder for the base which I connected together. The fat was sculpted in Zbrush.

The raw pig face was modeled in a similar way to the ear where I used a plane as the primitive and a cylinder for the snout. This was my favorite asset to do since it was a challenge to create a good face while still keeping it optimized at 2.5k tris.

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