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Classic Toon  By Dave D

Classic Toon By Dave D

dave dinsmore
by greyghost on 27 Dec 2021

An attempt at drawing BGs in the "Classic" style like Tom and Jerry and others have used.. but I think I could have went even more deco, now upon my 10th look at them! but I still think they look pretty good and this would be a fun style to really spend some time in, but this work is from about 2mos worth of drawing

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'Classic Toon' Style by Dave Dinsmore

  Begin at the beginning.. Practicising my BG work with some stuff in the Classic style, you can really go all over with this style..

  such as using a pencil for the line work and offset the color fill for a scattered, throwback kinda look. or also very effective in dream/ altered reality scenes when used with neon colors for outlining and distorted shapes of items/ furniture.

  Mixes well with traditional water color on paper used as a layer in coloring.  

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