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Red Brick Gym Environment in Unreal Engine 4

Red Brick Gym Environment in Unreal Engine 4

Tom Keir
by TomJK on 27 Dec 2021

This is a collection of detailed props, and modular room assets, assembled in UE4 to produce a realistic, industrial, gym setting.

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This projects inspiration came mainly from aged boxing and powerlifting gyms. All assets created within this project are intended for in-game use, therefore have optimized models and texture sets. All models, textures and final composition were created by myself, with the exception of the base wood and brick textures that was taken from Substance Share as a starting point for the walls, floor, and parts of the lifting platform, and punch bag wall mount texture sets. The posters graphics are also not my own, however, modeling of the poster meshes and variations and alterations to the poster textures were done by myself.

As well as the initial blockout, all of the low poly, and most high poly, models were created inside Maya, the last high polys had been sculpted inside ZBrush. I used this project as an opportunity to explore high poly creation with ZBrushs sculpting capabilities, to support the materials seams, and general worn/damaged leather appearance. These hand painted changes to the mesh also contributed to finer details in the baked maps, allowing for more controlled and interesting manipulations to be made during the texturing process.

Substance Painter was used for the creation of the models texture sets, while also following a PBR workflow to allow the final scene to accurately simulate realistic lighting. To continue optimization within the scene, assets were grouped together so that once their UVs had been unwrapped, they were grouped together to share the same UV tile space, while keeping a similar texel density to their group, as well as the rest of the scenes props

The scene also contains two variants of the dumbbell asset. Firstly, the lower resolution asset, that has a lower polycount, and shares a texture set with a few other assets in the scene. Secondly, the higher resolution asset, that has a much higher polycount, helping to hold the curvature and support a consistent and non-jagged silhouette, and has a texture set dedicated to only this asset. This high quality dumbbell is the only prop in the scene with a texel density this high, and is considered the hero asset of the scene.

During the final composition phase, to help breathe life into the scene, both large and small scale decals were implemented. The lettering on the bricks was applied with the intention of looking like it had been painted over. So, a mix of the decals texture sets, with the underlying worn brick textures, were blended to break up any repetition with the wall pieces. The smaller of the decals used in the scene were the water puddles, left by bottles, buckets, and water stations, that are set up differently from the lettering on the wall. The main difference being that they were transparent, and utilized the roughness and normal maps to create a splash on the floor that, while showing the wood panel flooring underneath, would reflect with much more clarity the scene around the puddle, as well as looking raised and plump as a result of the waters surface tension.

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