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Stylized treasure chest

Stylized treasure chest

Rodolfo Silva
by RodolfoSilva on 22 Dec 2021

This one was a demo I did for a subject I'm teaching called "3D animation and Videogame Art". This was just to demonstrate "PBR" workflows with Maya- Zbrush- Substance Painter and then import into Unreal.

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Besides the typical turntable and from Marmoset I thought it would be cool to create a few simple renders of the 3D asset "inside the Unreal engine with real time lighting and rendering.

So I decided to create a simple scene that consists of landscape, a layered material for the grass and sand, a bunch of foliage and a lake.

For the landscape sculpting i used the "landmass" plug-in with a few blueprint brushes to create some basic variation in height. The foliage was downloaded from the marketplace and then generated procedurally using the material system and a landscape grass instancer.

I created a few material functions with all the maps, some distance blending, blended some secondary textures and micro variation to avoid texture repetition and created a layer system to generate the foliage spawning only to the "grass" layer.

I've included a few shots of the material editor to showcase what I mean.

Don't forget to follow me on twitch where I'm currently streaming while making more assets for this collection.

Hope you like it

UE4 Landscape master material.

UE4 Sand material function.

UE4 Material function distance blend.

Notice there are 2 copies of each texture using a shared wrap blending mode. there is a smaller tilled texture and a larger tilled texture that are being blended based of the distance from the render camera.

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