Ghost Student 3D render

Ghost Student 3D render

Corentin Baron
by CorentinB on 16 Dec 2021

Hey everyone, today I bring you another one of my personal projects from last year, a little bit more serious this time. This image was created to raise awareness about student precarity in France during the pandemic.

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Hey everyone ! Today I'd like to share with you a quick personnal project that I created last year during the second lockdown in France !

To add a little bit of context, here in France, the pandemic hit the education system really hard, and the government did not help students to live through these rough times. In fact, they even decided to put the blame on the students and "punish" them for "being the main cause of transmission of the virus". It was just an excuse not to care about young adults during these times, and it wasn't acceptable considering the rising numbers of student precarity.

 With these alarming numbers rising every day, a group of students decided to raise awareness and help those in need. Giving food away, redirecting students to therapists and helping with classes or any other needs was the goal of the "étudiants fantômes" (ghost students) charity.

I chose to help them and created this little render in Cinema 4D to help them raise awareness and spread the word that help was here.

In this picture, I wanted to show student precarity and how we were put aside by our leaders, forced to work remotely for those who could, but stuck at "home" for a whole year without any classes for most. 

with basic shapes and hand drawn simple textures like these four, I was able to obtain a simple image with a lot of meaning, but without too much information.

The instagram post had a second picture, with the sentence "Ready to make sacrifices, not to be sacrified" showing on the computer screen. This post alone was shared around a hundred times, and hepled a lot of students find out about the charity, and get help from other students and our solidarity.

This goes to show that sometimes, we can use our creativity to help raise awareness, and help others in the end ! I was really moved to recieve a lot of messages from students and people thanking me, and it made me feel like I made a difference in our society, at my own scale.

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