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Remembering: Shiganshina

Remembering: Shiganshina

by mackereleye on 13 Dec 2021

Hello everyone, this is a personal project I've been working on for over a month: A glimpse of Shiganshina District from "Attack on Titan". The work costs me a month and a half from selecting resources, references and working out with new software. Enjoy!

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“The world is merciless, and it's also very beautiful.”

Hajime Isayama

Greetings! This is a scene I recreated from the hit anime "Attack on Titan" featuring one part of Shiganshina District- a fictional setting in the show. All modelled with Maya, rendered with Arnold. Textured with Quixel Bride, Speedtree and Substance Painter. Final grade within Nuke.

This is my most extensive project to date, working day after day with countless crashes and even lost half of the files mid-progress. I would say the most challenging aspect of the project is to generate multiple roof tiles variation while managing all the textures file.

Also, this project marks my first attempt to Speedtree, and to streamline my UDIM workflow within Substance Painter.

Overall, I am satisfied with the outcome as I want to capture that novel beauty of the anime while keeping a rather cinematic look to it.

(left: final look; right: "anime-ish" look)

Total completion time: roughly one-and -a-half-month (exclude all the crashes and file lost :D)

Hope you enjoy it!

Check out my Artstation and website as well!

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