Modern Pink Bedroom

Modern Pink Bedroom

Meaghan Hicks
by Knife on 7 Dec 2021

This was my first project done (course-work and tutorials excluded)! It was based on a 2D isometric piece that I'd come across, which was pretty low-poly in look so I thought would make for a good starting point. I ended up changing it up a fair bit in the end, and I learned a lot!

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Room design is based off this isometric art piece by TerrifiedMouse on twitter
I initially chose it due to the low poly look, since I figured that'd an easier direction to start in, but I ended up getting carried away by the end and more or less abandoned that angle. Which is pretty obvious considering how much blockier the larger forms are in the room, since those are the assets I created first.
Considering how much effort I ended up putting into the small details around the room, I figured I needed to take some close-up renders of each spot in order to show them off more. Unfortunately, the room isn't set up to show off each area of the room in an equally good light, so I ended up duplicating the whole set-up a few times and moving the assets and cameras around to get some better compositions!

Nothing in this scene is optimized in any way, it was just purely for illustration/practice purposes. Everything - floor excluded - is completely flat shaded as well, since I wanted to focus more on creating the assets than texturing them (for now).
Once I get a year or two under my belt I'll re-create this room and see just how much I've managed to improve! 

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