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Concept art character design

Concept art character design

Leong Guan Ling
by LeongGuanLing on 27 Nov 2021

Character designs I did for Concept Art Development class

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This is Yuki! This is my second character design for my group project, which is entitled " The legend of Momotaro" with cyberpunk theme.

Description About this character design:

Yuki was an ordinary person from a slum and was in debt, she was scammed to sign a contract to participate in an experiment plan to gain a high reward. After suffering again and again in an experiment lab, she managed to escape with Momotaro and decided to join Momotaro's side and revenge on the clan because of what they did to her. 

During the early stage, I searched for fantasy themed and find different culture tribe references to make her fit the theme. Therefore, I decided to give her a warm color tribal outfit and I make her wing become cooler color to make the whole character color more contrast. 

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