OverNight Demo

OverNight Demo

Hessel Bouma
by HesselBouma on 26 Nov 2021

OverNight is a demo I've been working on for about 10 months. It's a snapshot of a bigger story I've written about escapism, friendship, coming of age and queer themes. It's a 2D RPG with funny dialogue, cute locations and characters and some deeper lore... You can download it here for free: https://hessel-bouma.itch.i

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OverNight is an RPG about escapism, coming of age and queer themes. You play as a young boy that finds himself in a world that seems to have big plans for him.


In OverNight you play as a young boy who gets woken up by a strange light from outside his bedroom window. Of course he goes out to investigate, but he soon finds he might have bitten off more than he can chew.

He gets transported to a world full of strange creatures, friendly and not so friendly residents and a big quest he gets shoehorned into. He learns about friendship, hardship, love and what it means to grow up.

This is a demo, showing only the beginning of the full game. It's intended to show off the writing style and general vibe of what the full game would be.

Note from developer-----------------------------------------------------------------

I wanted to make a game that focusses on the feeling everyone has had at least once, escapism. As a kid I used to imagine getting whisked away to another world where I was a better version of myself, where I had no responsibilities and where I could be completely myself.

I got inspired by Undertale, Earthbound, Pokémon LeafGreen and Gameboy Advance Graphics.


Art, Story, Writing, Design, Lead developer:

Hessel Bouma

Programming, Consultation:

Thomas Barrer



You can download it here: https://hessel-bouma.itch.io/overnight

The game takes about 30/40 minutes to play.

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