The Incredible HULK Collectible

The Incredible HULK Collectible

Gonzalo Hernández Galiana
by gonzaherg999 on 24 Nov 2021

Got inspired by the work of my favorite artist, Daniel Bel, and made this piece as my first collectible ever. I will be posting the STL for FREE very soon. Hope you guys like it!

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HULK Collectible Project

This is the first collectible I have ever made. I want to be a collectible sculptor and this is the first big milestone in my journey. Hope you guys like it. These next images are a preview of what it would look like when painted.

The purpose of the apple is to get an idea of how big it is going to be.

Some renders without the color maps, focusing on the shadow contrast:

Zbrush Raw renders and screenshots:

Close up shot of the face:

So this is my first big project on a collectible. Hope you like it!

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