The Owl House Interior

The Owl House Interior

by littlelamb on 16 Nov 2021

I created this work for the ‘Modelling and Visualisation’ class at BBCD/TUA in late 2020. The project aimed to teach modelling and texturing skills through developing an interior of your choice. I decided on The Owl House’s main room, revisiting it recently to incorporate my updated skills learnt over the past year.

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The Owl House is a highly stylised 2D cartoon. Rather than trying to mimic the iconic style in 3D, I thought this project would be fun to approach in semi-realism way. I took into account spacing and real-world sizing; using Maya’s measure tool and researching the average size of objects/heavily referencing the show. 

2020 Renders

While I was happy with the overall spacing and foundation of my original project, textures were applied wrong, objects could be modelled better and the lighting wasn’t quite depicting the mood I wanted for the scene. 

New Renders

I mainly used hard-surface modelling techniques in Maya, but explored Blender's sculpting for some wall objects (particularly the cow skull). Textures created in Substance Painter and Photoshop. For lighting I wanted to maintain the spookiness of the room; candle placement on the ceiling beams were a key factor in breaking apart the room and why there is a "dip" of darkness in the middle of the wall (as seen in the show). Also in consideration the stain glass windows that would be providing light. I chose for the windows not to bleed too much into the room as the rainbow scattering took away from the creepiness. 

In compositing stages, I was worried the gamma was too dark. Close-up, the wall objects were a bit unreadable, but from a distance the carpet was bright. Definitely something to consider when lighting in future projects! 

Final > Beauty > AO > Wireframe

I used NukeX 3D camera tracking to place in the cotton tuft on the couch and the fire for the candles. My attempt at Idistort in different class was unsuccessful, so I was determined to try again. After a bit of playing around I managed to get the flames to distort! It’s not very noticeable in the grand scheme of things, but I’m proud of getting it to work!

Thank you for reading!

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