Cobra Creature

Cobra Creature

Christian Holm Andersen
by ChristianAndersen on 12 Nov 2021

Creature made over 8 weeks. I learned how to use Mari, Designer and Nuke during this project and I now have a much better understanding of the whole pipeline.

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A creature project all the way from concept to final render. Thanks for watching!


Base in Blender

Sculpt and base color in zBrush

Retopo in Maya

Designer for masks and additional textures

Textured in Mari and Painter.

Rendered in Maya with vRay

zBrush - I used the method by importing my textures from Mari using Jake Harrells UDIM importer plugin ( and then sculpt on top to push the detail

Special Thanks to

KIM STRANDLI - for all the workflow and pipeline lectures

DANIELE ORSETTI - for all the Mari and designer lectures

BRYNN METHENEY - for feedback during concepting

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