Environment Design - The Gate
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Environment Design - The Gate

See Zi Yi
by ziyiszy on 11 Nov 2021

Created by See Zi Yi (0340094), Taylor's University.

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Update - 11 Nov 2021

Environment Design (WIP)

In this module, I was tasked to develop environment designs for a game. 

To begin with, I drafted out a few thumbnails. Colours were then added to give a sense of atmosphere.

I chose to work with the first sketch, which was an environment of a gate located in snowy mountains. Below is my refined black and white sketch.

Colours and atmosphere were then added on as seen below.

Upon completion, I showed my work to my lecturer and he gave some constructive criticism to my work. The lack of depth, storytelling, and realisticness made me realize that I got to improve my work further. Therefore, I refined my work, and below is my most recent update.

Looking at the most recent attempt, I am certain that improvements were made and my lecturer agreed so too. The next update will be on the coloured version of this work as well as an asset breakdown sheet. 

Stay Tuned for more!

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