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Sci-FI Containment Lab

by Nicopb7 on 7 Nov 2021

This is my final project for my Videogame Art Master at Universal Arts School.

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Update - 7 Nov 2021

Sci-Fi Lab. UA School, Videogame Art Final Project

Hey, my name is Nicolas and im currently a student at Universal Arts School.  This is my final project thread for my Videogame Art Master. 

Containment Sci-Fi Lab Pitch:

The general idea of this project is to create a Sci-Fi Lab, based in the future where scientists experiment, contain and study monsters. The Lab itself will be located on a floating station in the middle of the ocean, inspired by the planet Kamino (Star Wars).

The Lab will be divided in three areas: The Containment Area, The Observation Area and The Experimental Area. Every Area will specialize in one thing. The Containment area specializes on keeping monsters in their “Containment Rooms” which are basically see through jails, so guards can keep an eye on said monsters, in case of an outbreak, the guards have lethal and non-lethal equipment to control these situations.

The Observation Area, where scientists can take a close and deep look to the most threatening monster in that particular time, where said monster will be captive inside a capsule so scientists can take notes on this monster’s reactions, instincts and analyze how dangerous they are.

The Experimental Area, where scientists can perform several types of surgeries, experiments, X-Rays and also the storage of some of these monsters' body parts. The most gruesome area, yet the most interesting.

The facilities are still in use so most of the assets will be in good condition. The lighting will be white for the most part but will have some blue variation and tones.


Week 2: Modular System 

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