InkTober 2020 Day 4 - "Radio"

InkTober 2020 Day 4 - "Radio"

by scriptyshake on 7 Nov 2021

I actually doodled this in Math class at first, but since it wasn't on my sketchbook... I took a picture of the sketch... Then printed it, used my tablet as a light table and drew on my sketchbook with the sketching layer underneath. Modern problems require modern solutions am I right? The character here is 006.

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❝006 was an interesting one. Lift objects and bend things with the power of her mind. So many wanted this gift, but to a cost. A terrible one, which only destroyed the vessel of the gift. Trying to understand this incredible power with science, the scientists only ruined the girl's life. The tests were endless, and scanning her body, they desperately tried to find the key to power.❞⁣

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